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Kristin Ellingsen

 Founder of Sthlm healing


Be your own testimony - Jin Shin Jyutsu.


In 2015, my body wanted me to find my way in life. After a period of sick leave, I took my first course in Jin Shin Jyutsu. A way to handle e.g. stress without chemical substances. But I was not done yet. I still did not live my truth. I would also be initiated in Reiki. Which I did and shortly after I had changed my life so that I live the purpose of my life.

An important part of my concept is therapeutic conversations. I offer LR-Coaching, Reiki healing and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I also offer Jin Shin Reiki, a mix of Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, which I have developed with amazing result. Read more about the different modalities here. I look forward to helping you feel better. Do you have a trauma that is buried in the cellmemory or something that you can not really put your finger on? Try LR-Coaching!


 Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki healing are successful in stress, anxiety, pain, grief and much more.

LR-Coaching is a fantastic respectful technique for healing trauma, known or unknown.

Swedish - Norwegian - English

Reiki Healing is friskvård according to the Swedish Tax Agency.

My healing will give you an experience unlike anything you experienced before.

I will guide you to an inner wellbeing using daily Jin Shin Jyutsu selfhelp

Kristin Ellingsen

- founder Sthlm healing


“Känner mig väl omhändertagen i Kristins händer. Reiki och Jin Shin Jyutsu har kommit att förändra mycket i mitt liv. Känner mig piggare och gladare”

Sandra K.


“Kristin är rätt person för jobbet. Hon tar hand om sina patienter på ett mycket fint sätt. Hon bryr sig och gör allt hon kan för att man ska må bra. Det blev en vändpunkt i mitt liv redan efter första besöket”

Mel Pat


“Varm och professionell behandling. Rekommenderar Kristin som hjälpt mig och genom denna healing lyckades
att må bättre”



In the comfort of your home

It is now well known that Reiki healing can be sent remotely. That Jin Shin Jyutsu can be sent remotely has not been as obvious. In January 2020, I was asked by a Jin Shin Jyutsu colleague if I wanted to change distance-jsj. I felt that I could finally try distance-jsj, both get and give. We tried this a few times, and found that it works well. When Corona came, I took the opportunity and tried out jsj from a distance. I did it for free, and with good results. When a regular customer wanted to try, I offered it for free, but she still paid. She thought it was the same as the place, and better! You can not get better reference?

I'm proud to be the only one to offer this, a mix of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki healing at a distance. It is powerful. If you're drawn to this one, give it a try! Be sure to breathe consciously afterwards (ask if you are unsure what is means) and drink a lot. You may find that you get a bit off the next day, then you get better.

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