Pay it forward

Pay it forward - healing


Do you have funds and would you like to finance another persons wellbeing and health?

In US they have this system for a cup of coffee. They simply go to the coffeeshop, order one cup of coffee and 1 pay it forward. A person without funds can come by and ask: Is there a pay it forward? And that person gets a cup of coffe and a time of relaxation. I would like to implement this system. Be healthy and pay it forward. How beautiful is that?

Need healing?

Do you need healing, but you cant afford it? Contact us, I keep a waiting list for people who need  healing.

This is a new form of  interacting with eachother in our new world. We are one and we will thrive!

Let's do it together!

Would you like to donate a session? For the first donation of a session, Sthlm healing will match it.